Problems using Cryptomator on MacOS 14.2.1


I’ve just started using Cryptomator to run vaults on OneDrive and iCloud. I really like Cryptomator’s UI and the convenience to have a desktop and a mobile app.
I am running Cryptomator 1.11.1 with Fuse-T 1.0.34 on a MacbookPro with M2 Max and MacOS 14.2.1.

Unfortunately I have some problems, that are really frustrating, I would be really happy to get some help:

Using WebDAV works best for working with my files, but it is impossible to lock my vaults without my Macbook freezing and doing a hard reboot.

Using Fuse-T is also problematic: Preview of files (hitting the spacebar) doesn’t work anymore and the creation date of files is getting overwritten with the current date.

Is there anything I am missing? Are there any stable workarounds?


Do you have files fully downloaded offline…or files on demand? Files on demand may cause delays or issues with features like preview. I have mac mini M2 pro with 14.2.1 and FUSE-T has been quite stable and preview works well. However, there is a known file corruption bug upstream. I believe this is on the “read” side…it will not result in data loss.

This is a known bug in MacOS with NFS. Workaround is to add the custom mount flag “-onomtime”.

Hi philly4,

thanks for your help!

All files should be offline (iCloud Drive and also OneDrive). Will check, if the mount-flag-option changes anything.