Problems creating directories on Magentacloud under Cryptomator 1.5.2

Testing 1.5.2 still reveals weaknesses in creating new directories under Windows 10.

  1. Unlock vault (mode WebDav and also Dokany)
  2. CTRL+SHIFT+N for new directory
  3. Assign any text
  4. The directory is incorrectly created as a file with 0 kb. Icon is shown as file.

Try again:

  1. Unlock safe (mode WebDav and also Dokany)
  2. CTRL+SHIFT+N for new directory
  3. Type Enter only to accept the suggested name
  4. The directory is created correctly

Under mode ‘Dokany’, however, 0x8000FFFF is repeated.
I think, there’s still something wrong. Logfile doesn’t show any usable information.

Creating Files right from the beginning seems to be correct.

On my system (Windows 10) both use cases work correctly. It does not matter if I use WebDAV or Dokany.

If you send us a log file with debug mode enabled while the error happens, I can look into this case.

Well, there is one case where i can confirm this: If your vault is located on a mapped network drive and if you use also the WebDAV adapter as the volume provider, the above procedure yields the described results.

On the other hand, if you wait some time (let’s say 5min), then the renamed directory is also displayed as such and not as a file anymore. WIth Dokany it works on my system.

For the record: