Problem zipping files in a Cryptomator vault

On 64 bit Windows 10 I’m unable to use 7-zip to compress files stored in a Cryptomator vault. using exactly the same files/password/steps that work fine otherwise. Zipping is a crucial requirement for work, since I have to send encrypted zips (well, 7z files) to other people who don’t use Cryptomator.

I can’t find any references to this problem on the Community board here or on Google, but if this is a known issue, are there workarounds that don’t involve copying the files elsewhere? Is there some technical reason that encrypted zipping of files in vaults is impossible? If not please let me know so I can submit a bug report and/or see if the 7-zip people want to take this problem on.

Hi. do you receive an error message of 7zip?
I am actually on cryptomator Version 1.4. beta an cannot test on 1.3.2 but on 1.4 7zip works fine for me.

Apologies: this is a Mountain Duck problem. I have both Cryptomator and Mountain Duck, and 7-zip seems to work with vaults mounted/unlocked through the Cryptomator application. The failure does still occur when I zip the same files in the same vaults when the vaults are mounted using Mountain Duck. I have opened a support request with Mountain Duck. The 7-zip error is “Data error Wrong password?” (I have Cryptomator 1.3.4 and 7-zip 18.05.)