Problem using Cryptomator with xcopy or robocopy

Recently I tried to use Cryptomator for my backup. As I want to use incremental backup, I tried my scripts using robocopy or xcopy on windows10 console. To my surprise xcopy does not work at all with an Crytomator folder “Verzeichnis kann nicht erstellt werden - Z:\Backup” and with robocopy after the initial backup all directories are first deleted and after that all directories are copied again…

Does anyone have some experience or hints for using Cryptomator with xcopy or robocopy?

Thanks a lot, Andreas

What flags were you using with robocopy?

The Standard flags are: robocopy “C:\Users\Andreas” “T:\BackupAndreas” /MIR /TEE /NP /NDL /log:C:\Users\Public\Backup_Andreas.log /XJ /r:1 /w:1

But I have tried several different varaints. Not using MIR for exaple does not work at all, as creating missing directories Fails.