Problem using a Custom Mount point on removable storage under Linux on a Chromebook

I’ve installed Cryptomator as a Linux app on a new Chromebook. I’m using Cryptomator to access a previous-created vault stored on Google Drive, and there is no problem unlocking that vault and viewing the contents as long as I let Cryptomator choose the mount point. However, since local storage space is limited on a Chromebook I’d like to use a mount point on a (removable) 64GB micro SD card. Cryptomator allows me to specify a directory on the SD card as the custom mount point, but after unlocking the vault (no error message) I don’t see any files in the specified mount directory! Is there a restriction on using a removable drive as a mount point, or is there likely to be some other problem? Thanks for any advice/suggestions, Wayne

This does not solve the space problem, because Cryptomator decrypts on-the-fly (aka only when it is needed).

The mountpoint is an access point to a decrytped view of your vault content. Storage-wise it does not matter where the mountpoint is located, because it only matters where your encrypted files are stored.

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