Private Key and Plausible Deniability

Hi. I’m wondering if there are any plans to build in support for hardware keys FIDO, Yubikeys for securing vaults?
Also, is there any way to encrypt using my private key?
Lastly, would be great to have an option for Plausible Deniability when someone forces me to unlock my vault I could use a certain password.

Thoughts on hardware keys can be found here:

Discussion about plausible deniability here:

Hi @tobihagemann ,
Thank you very much for responding. The GitHub issue helps with my question hardware question, but I also open a ticket to looking for a way to create Cryptomator vault with PGP keys and not passwords. This is something that VeraCrypt has along with creating a separate file space (FUSE) based on different key (plausible deniability).
Thank you.

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