Preferences (safe password with windows data safty)

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I’m new to Cryptomator and working myself through the preferences tabs…

There is an option in the “General” tab which is “Store password with: Windows data protection” What does it mean? By googeling “Windows data protection” there is nothing which explains it to me…


That means that if you decide to safe your vault password, it will be safes in the windows keychain (standard windows password storage).

With Cryptomator 1.6 plugins where introduced.
There’s a plug-in to add KeePassXC as an option and use it as default password storage instead of the system keychain.

Hi Michael,

thanks for your help, I do understand…

Is it insecure to store it with windows? Except by storing it anyway because everyone who can use your PC has an open vault… :wink:

I will have a look at the KeePass thing as I’m using it as well…

If you have a secure system with secure passwords then I personally would say “yes”.
Please note: If you want to make your local system secure, consider using solutions that are designed for local, system-wide data privacy. Like bitlocker, veracrypt, etc. Cryptomator is designed to cover privacy issues with online files (mainly)

Not if you are using different windows accounts.

Please note: The Plugin is for use with KeePassXC (similar, yet different solutions)

Why is VeryCrypt safer than Cryptomator?

Its not safer (or less safe). Its just build to fully integrate into your system means you can encrypt your complete system (if you want to). Cryptomators purpose is to create a vault and encrypt files in it in order to easily sync these with an online storage. Thats just a different approach.

OK, I did use VeryCrypt so far but had this issue with DropBox so I’m very happy that I found it… Before I had all unenrypted in my DropBox…

As I don’t want to encrypt my whole PC I can imagin to use Cryptomator for all my safes…

PS: I never used paddle, do I have to make up an account and what kind of payment can I use in Paddle? PayPal?

And what do I do when my email address changes I bought the licence key with?

No you dont need an account to use paddle for payment.
There are various payment methods offered, yes also PayPal
If you want to change the email address connected to your android licence, you can ask for a change here in the board.