Pre-Order Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS

Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS is almost here! It’s just three days away, the release date is December 21. :tada: We’d like to express our gratitude to our over 2,300 TestFlight users for testing the app over the last 6 months and for their invaluable feedback. :heart:

The brand new app is fully integrated into the Files app and fulfills one of the biggest feature requests. Not only that, the project is fully open-source! Be the first to get the app by pre-ordering it in the App Store. We’ll release more info on release date, so stay tuned!

Pre-Order Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS in the App Store:


Works good in iOS, with Files App integration.

Works quite well. Thank you for this, and it is definitely well worth it.

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