Please Offer Face ID/PIN For Whole App Protection ontop of what already exists

Some of us need to not only store highly secret documents but also make sure no evidence of such documents exist either. Cloud storage is the perfect medium for all this for all you need is to memorize an email and a password and you can store and retrieve without anyone ever knowing. But if you want to encrypt yourself, you lose that when the Apple App Store knows every app you’ve downloaded and there’s a financial record tieing you to owning CryptoMator on your iphone which allows any law enforcement to be aware of such use of service and demand access to it so that they can see every cloud storage service and account you have connected so that they can demand access to all your cloud accounts.

I would like to see Face ID/Pin/Passphrase on app open so that I can claim I forgot password if and when my device is forced to be unlocked or plugged into a GreyKey device to extract that information on cloud services used. Thank you if this is possible.