Please change menu order in tray

Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to change the order of the context menu of the tray icon menu?

Reason: I don’t know how many times I “click” on “Close” (“Beenden”), because after right click on the tray icon the courser is at that position and I click on “close” by accident (yes, I tried to click slowly and one time :grin:).
It’s kinda annoying to start Cryptomator again and again.

Maybe you can change “show” with “close”?

Thanks so much.

I don’t think that changing the order is the solution. We’ve compared the tray menu with many other apps, and it would be far more confusing to make the order different from the rest.

But we actually have a huge change coming up with proper tray menu support on Linux. Would you like to give it a try and see if this release changes anything for you?

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thanks so much for your reply. And yeah, beta looks nice (had quick look on a test Linux Mint). Systray-Icon finally works now too (no more black square!). Can’t wait for stable!

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