Plaintext filenames?

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As far as I can see, Cryptomator currently has no option to keep file names unencrypted. Is that correct? Or there plans for the future in this direction?

Use-case: Files, that require content-encryption, but are not sensitive enough to require filenames to be obscured. For example scans of common documents, documents with uncertain copy-right status (e.g. book scans sent by colleagues, that could be flagged as copyright violating content, but I don’t even know for sure), …

The idea would be to avoid situations like this, where I can’t verify or deny, whether the deletions were intended. The number of deleted files (6000+) seems too much for the recent edits, but at the same time maybe not?

If I could verify, that all those files are from the folder, that I think they are from, the questions could be easily answered. But with encrypted filenames, that’s not possible.

Hi. Yes, that’s correct

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