Photo and Video Previews in iOS

Hello Folks, I have recently uploaded a bunch of photos and videos to one drive via the desktop Cryptomator APP, around 500 + GB. Now I need to access these from the iOS app. Two questions:

  1. Is there an option that we can use to tell Cryptomator to download previews for all photos and videos instead of having to download the files themselves. This helps a lot when we need to access selected files.
  2. For now what I am doing is to navigate to each folder and download all files under it and once I can view the preview, i delete the cache. This enables me to have the preview but not the actual file on my local storage. Is there a way to bulk download all folders and files under a path instead of having to navigate each folder and select all files to download?
  3. For HEIC and MOV files there is no view / play option, is this a limitation of files APP? Attached the picture to the end of this post.

If no option is available for 1, then it would be great to have such a feature. As I see it, I can see previews of photos and videos even though the cache is 0 KB for Cryptomator (that is after downloading and deleting the file though) and if this is made a default behaviour for photos and videos it would help a lot since one would rarely ever need to download all photos and videos at once.
Thank you.