Permissions to Cloud Services ex: Dropbox


I have installed the iOS App, I was asked to provide full permissions to my dropbox account
"This app has full read/write access to any file inside the user’s Dropbox. "
is there any way I can restrict the access to only to a specific folder?
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No that’s actually not possible.


and how dangerous is this? is it possible that because of an uncontrolled bug the app will delete or corrupt all my files?


As far as I know, Dropbox app does not provide an api that allows you to give apps permission for only a folder.
Besides this: the cryptomator vault itself is a folder and cryptomator works only within this folder.
I can understand your concerns. I’m using cryptomator quite a while and never had issues with deleted files especially not outside the vault.


App folder

A dedicated folder named after your app is created within the Apps folder of a user’s Dropbox. Your app gets read and write access to this folder only and users can provide content to your app by moving files into this folder.

Full Dropbox

You get full access to all the files and folders in a user’s Dropbox.


Ah, thank you. Didn’t know that. Maybe one of the developer will respond to this.