Permission issue when running backup4all

Hi there,

I am trying to run CM via backup4all to onedrive. If I start everything works, I see the virtual drive all fine. For starters I have an administrator account, because it is my laptop, and nobody else uses it. Ok and now:

If I run the backup to the virtual drive a get an error message that the folder cannot not be created and the backup stops.But I can see the virtual drive.

If I start CM with “run as administrator”, the backup runs fine, the folder is accessable, the backup finishes successful. But I cannot see or access the virtual drive. The need to close everything, start all over again as “non-administrator”. It is all a bit of a nucance.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this or what to do?

Best from Ghana

Which OS do you use? Windows? Linux?

I use Windows 10 probably with the latest update. It is surely some Win10 account /permission issue. Because it works in principle, only that I need to switch between “run as admin” and normal user to get to do the bak and then to see the virtual drive…

It simply doesn’t work the same time.