"Permanent version storage" and tags support


I already expected that file versions wouldn’t be supported and it’s not a big deal, but would be nice to have. Would this be possible for future version or is it a limitation of the virtual drive design?

Tags however are pretty important to my workflow. Right now I get an unexpected error when I want to add tags to a file. Is this a bug or expected behavior?



Regarding File versioning:
This is not planned and out of scope. Cryptomator is intended to encrypt your data. It is not a backup/file versioning solution. The file history is handled by the underlying filesystem/cloud provider. But a thing to discuss is that it’s pretty hard to restore the correct file, if you don’t know the encrypted filename. Giving the possibility to show the encrypted filename for a file can be implemented, see issue #336.

Tags are saved in the extended attributes of a file which are currently not supported. But its planned, look at issue #852 and its linked issues.