Performace problems on iOS 13

Hello, since updating to iOS 13 I am having a problems with app performance.

I have my vaults in iCloud Drive folder, and since updating to iOS 13, I have a problem with files encryption. The files won’t encrypt when phone is offline or with slow connection. With previous version of iOS I was able to encrypt files, “keep them on device encrypted”, and then sync encrypted files to icloud (automatically, as icloud work). With iOS 13 the encryption always gets stucks when there’s no connection, so you’re forced to be online with a fast connection. Are you working on a fix or is there anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Mhm, interesting.
I never heared of an „offline cache function“ in the iOS app, and I’m using it for years. As far as I know, Cryptomator for iOS is designed to have an internet connection for the upload process.
I assume that before iOS13 Cryptomator maybe was running in the background and tries over and over again to connect. If I’m right, I’m not sure that was by intention of Cryptomator software designers.

iOS 13 changed somehow it deals with apps in background. You might have noticed a iOS bug that affects multitasking and apps in background.
This was fixed in iOS 13.2.2.
Maybe this will bring back the possibility to keep an upload process running in the background as song as it will establish a connection.