Pdf thumbnail display

I want to make sure I understand this issue. If I open my vault (v 2.x) with iOS file app, I just see icons and not thumbnail previews; although, when I open that vault in windows, it shows the previews. It appears that thumbnail previews are not available via the iOS app. If that is the case, then I’ll just need to use a different encryption app. Can anyone confirm/deny my understanding? Thanks. Jerry.


there is a difference how the desktop apps and the mobile apps work.

To enable your OS to generate thumbnails, the content of a file has to be decrypted at some point.
With desktop apps your data is local available, and thus can be descrypted by cryptomator at any time.
The mobile apps connect directly to your cloud provider and only download the files you are requesting.
That means if you want to see thumbnails on your iOS, you have to download the file at least once so iOS can generate a thumbnail of it.