PCLOUD support is recommended, many people use pcloud

Their webdav is terrible

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Hey and welcome in the community :slightly_smiling_face:!

Did you inform pCloud about the problem?

It’s always been terrible (ive had an account 2+ years) and they have little interest in supporting it.

Personally i gave up and moved my mobile vaults to another provider.

As far as i know, the only way to get reasonable speed from pcloud with 3rd party apps is to use their API/SDK https://docs.pcloud.com/
Even this has a trade off, they don’t support app passwords, so you have to disable 2FA to use access tokens!


Ah yes, I remember, it’s not the first time we have discussed this :sweat_smile: . As long as a cloud provider offers a WebDAV interface it is not our top priority to integrate their SDK/API. It doesn’t mean that it won’t be implemented in the future, but definitely not soon.

Spoiler: We are in the process of publishing our cloud interfaces so it will be easy for the community to add another cloud API/SDK in the future :wink:


+1 here

WebDAV-support in pCloud is not official as far as I know (no documentation out there) and it’s unusable slow + it gets deactivated when 2-factor is on as there a no application keys (which is 1-factor btw). As far as I can see the situation right now, pCloud is one of the most used clouds out there, comparable to Dropbox and OneDrive for consumers.

Maybe you can rethink about your priorities and give pCloud another check :).

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Native pCloud support will be available in the next BETA. :wink: