PCloud storage in not decreasing while adding data to vault

To test cryptomator I created a free account on PCloud with 5GB free… I created a vault there and copied 4 GB data… I checked the PCloud Drive storage, it was same as before like no data uploaded… but when i checked inside i checked the encrypted files were showing in that folder

I dont understand why PCloud is not counting the encrypted data… also i dont understand how it is uploaded almost immediately like copying… if it is being stored to cloud it should take time to upload

See how can 18GB data be stored on a 5GB Pcloud …

Are you sure that the sync to your online storage is running? Please keep in mind that Cryptomator desktop does not connect to an online storage and does not sync anything. That’s the job of your providers sync software.

No point checking sync here … when PCloud creates a drive and we copy something there it is just uploaded there… Sync functionality is for those who want to sync the existing folder like my docs to pcloud…
Just checked PCloud again after 1 hrs… i can see storage getting filled slowly…
I think before locking the vault again I have wait for smtime before the files are fully uploaded because files are copied to local intranet instantly but upload it slowly acc to upload speed

Pcloud creates a local cache to upload.
Single click the pcloud icon in your taskbar and select preferences. The status line of the pcloud window will show transfer speed, remaining uploads and estimated time for it to sync to the cloud

That’s not necessary as cryptomator generates the encrypted files on the fly. When it comes to upload of the encrypted files, it does not matter if the vault is locked or not. There is no “closing” action on a file basis when a vault is locked.