Pcloud: slow access to folders with many files


there are already some posts about the speed when accessing directories with many files in the cloud (or network drive).

I have a question specific to pcloud:

  • Directory with 3000 files, both local and in the cloud.
  • (Win 10, Cryptomator 1.6.17, winFSP/FUSE)

File listing with cryptomator Local: Fast, 1 second.
File listing direct Local: Fast, < 1 second.

File listing with cryptomator cloud: Slow, 30 seconds.
File listing direct cloud: Fast, 1 second.

When I open the vault in the cloud I see a high CPU load on the pcloud drive application during the 30 second wait, I assume this is the bottleneck?

My PC is a bit old school (intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9300 @ 2.50GHz), maybe cloud vault access would be faster with a modern CPU?

What is also noticeable: In the cryptomator statistic “Accesses per time”, this value slowly increases to around 200 when accessing the cloud with cryptomator, while it is “several thousand” for local access (cannot be determined exactly because it goes too fast), presumably there is also a limitation regarding the pcloud drive application?

you can’t adjust much in the pcloud software, you can change the cache settings, i increased them for testing, but it doesn’t make it faster.

The question: Is it possible to eliminate the “pcloud drive” bottleneck with a specific configuration?

(I have already tried mounting vault as a network drive, also different accesses (command-line, total commander, windows file explorer, no significant difference, but windows file explorer is the slowest).

With normal sized directories, which I deal with most of the time, there are no speed problems (1…500 files), but when there are a few thousand it becomes noticeably slow.

With Boxcryptor, accessing large directories was also fast, but i think that cannot be compared directly, BC had no directory structure obfuscation.

BR Rainer