PC -> Ext.SSD -> (CRYPTOMATOR) Cloud storage. Is that possible?

As I find it essential to search my files with Spotlight on Mac (internal and external SSD’s). As far as I’m aware this is not possible with Cryptomator, so I need to think of an alternative solution.
I came to the following and like to know if this could be done:

I will sync files not encrypted from my PC (Mac Mini) to an external local SSD. From there I want to backup these files with Cryptomator in the cloud. Is this possible while still being able to search all my files with Spotlight?

Well, why not?
To be clear:
In this setup you’ll have the unencrypted files on your Mac HD (unencrypted and indexed by spotlight as every other file). On the SSD are the same files encrypted (because you configure your vault to be stored on the SSD and sync you unencrypted files with this vault which - if opened - shows up in your finder as new „HD“), and then backup or sync the (encrypted) vault files on your SSD to your online storage.
That’s exactly what I do (on windows) to keep my files indexed.

Just remembering that syncing is not the same as backup

Yes. Absolutely right. (And edited my post as it could be understand falsely that way)

Thanks, tried it and it seems to work!