Payment methods?


I’m an interested new user but I’m having trouble navigating the payment options. I see the desktop is free but each of the mobile apps are paid separately? Is that correct? I there is a separate link for android (Cryptomator for Android) which uses Paddle and then you enter credit card or paypal. What is the link for iOS?

I’ll gladly pay but hoping to find a way to pay for iOS without the app store because not all users can easily use the app store for purchases. I’d like to purchase a license key via web browser and then I’ll simply enter the license key in the app.

Thanks in advance for your help!

That’s correct.

That’s not allowed by Apple. That’s why we can’t offer an alternative to the App Store on iOS.

Oh that’s sad news. I don’t know how the other apps do it then. As of now it’s a dealbreaker for me as I simply can’t pay via apple, not to mention if I change apple ID then then it will tell me I have to pay again.

Even if you charged a fee for the use of this software, that seems better than having to pay per operating system. I’d pay $50 not to have to do this complexity. Anyway that’s just one random opinion–Keep up the good work in the meantime.

Not sure which apps you mean but they probably have things like “accounts” that can be created outside of the iOS app. In that case, you can have other payment methods. BUT you won’t even be able to offer them inside the iOS app (because that’s still forbidden on iOS, may change in the future, a lot of legal activity going on there). Anyhow, Cryptomator doesn’t require accounts or any registration (and as a security/privacy app, we absolutely don’t want that) so that’s not an option for us.