Paying for every download of iOS App?

although i have already paid for the app, when i download it to another iPhone, the purchase price is shown again. should i actually pay the full price again for each of the devices?
Many greetings, Thomas

You’re probably not logged in to the same account on both devices. App Store purchases are always per account, not per device.

This is the case with all other apps on my devices, but not with Cryptomator.

Very odd. I suggest you contact Apple, as from our side this is definitely not intended.

a strange effect. After I selected and confirmed to pay in the Appstore, a popup “Dieses Update ist kostenlos, da du bereits eine frühere Version des Artikels besitzt. Wähle OK um dieses Update zu laden.” appeared and the download started. Never seen before. Thx for your response :wink: