Password Recovery Option Missing From Vault Options

While I know my password I am trying to test using the recovery key in the event my password is forgotten or lost.
I have followed the instruction to go to “Vault Options” but under the password tab, I do not have a “Recover Password” option to click.
I am using Windows 11 and wanted to upload an image of the Password tab under Vault Options to show I do not have a “Recover Password” option to click but I cannot see how to upload the image to this post.
RESOLVED: I have managed to resolve this issue myself. While the Cryptomator user guide refers to the option to “recover
password” which is an option not shown on the password section of the vault options, I found that by clicking the “password rest” option on that page, it enables you to enter the password recovery key you saved. I hope my description of the issue and its resolution is clear enough