Password no longer works?

I’m using the Desktop App from my MacBook Pro, as are 14 others on my team. I get the error message “Wrong password” when I try to unlock a vault. I am confident the pwd is correct. At least, it used to work. The only thing I’ve done is rename the vault. Is this the problem? How do I solve it?

Many thanks.

If it says “wrong password” then it actually is the wrong password. Did someone from your team change the password? If that’s the case, is the vault inside a cloud storage where you can check if there is an older version of the masterkey.cryptomator file? If yes and there is an older version, you could restore the old version of that file and use that to unlock the vault with the old password. Make sure to make backups of the masterkey file before experimenting.

I’ll give it a try, thanks.