Password manager

Hello developers,
my password manager RoboForm does not recognize the window to access the vaults so I have to copy - paste the password from it. I assume that other managers does not work here, too.
The RoboForm support answered:
"RoboForm cannot create a Login for Cryptomator login form as it uses some kind of self drawn window with no actual controls RoboForm could recognize and handle.
RoboForm will not be able to save a valid login for the box, nor fill it in from an existing login, sorry."

Being a lazy person I would like to ask if an update of Crypromator could involve these controls required?
Thanks for considering!
Best wishes for all in 2023!

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Same btw for 1Password on Mac. As the GUI also looks very strange and not macOS native, I also assume that system hooks just don’t work.

+1 I also would like to see alternative password manager integration for unlocking vaults.

Oh, and while we are at it: PassKeys seem to be the latest hot stuff. What about that?

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