OSX Mount point in /Volumes/


In previous releases using MacFuse as the virtualdrive setting, vaults were mounted in /Volumes/ with the vault name as the mount point. Currently a new random looking string is used for the file system mount point (the OS still sees the correct drive name) but this makes navigating and linking from the command line more challenging. I tried Fuse-T, but that moves the mount point deeper into the userspace area.

I had been leveraging the older behaviour to mount a vault to simulate mounting a network share of the same name so my paths could stay consistent between working locally (mounting the local vault) or one the network using the actual network share. (I am mirroring the contents of the vault to the network share). This was a perfect little workaround that allowed me to stage changes locally before pushing to the network and I’d love a way to get that behaviour back! Is there any chance of reverting to the behaviour of using the actual vault name as the mount point?

I didn’t notice the behaviour right away so I’m not sure if this happened after a MacFuse update or a cryptomater update!

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

it is a change in Cryptomator. Using a random, but fixed id for every vault ensures the uniqueness of the mountpoint. The used id can be found the settings file (for macOS located in ~/Library/Application Support/Cryptomator).

But that is hacky, as soon as you remove the vault and add it again to Cryptomator, it has a different id. We recommend using a custom path for a fixed mountpoint.