Organizing crypted and uncrypted cloud files and directories!

After being cancelled by Boxcryptor I was forced to find the best way to substitute my existing cloud file organisation.

My target was to keep the concentration at one entry point for all my cloud providers and a mix of uncrypted and crypted files at each provider.

After some research it was clear for me to use Cryptomator to encrypt my files so far encrypted by Boxcryptor.

Here is a plan how to setup a structure under Windows which covers my targets.

  1. My entry point is a drive letter like I had under Boxcryptor

    In my example it will be “Y”

  2. There are 2 virtual directories under the root dir represented by local dirs in my users data structure.

    In my example it will be “uncryptor” and “cryptomator”

    md c:\users\name\uncryptor
    md c:\users\name\cryptomator
    mklink /D “C:\users\name\uncryptor\cryptomator” “c:\users\name\cryptomator”
    subst y: c:\users\name\uncryptor

  3. To keep the structur after a reboot I added a registry enry

    reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\DOS Devices” /v Y: /t REG_SZ /d “??\c:\users\name\uncryptor” /f

  4. Next I added the links for each local directory which contains the synced cloud directories

    mklink /D “y:\onedrive” “c:\users\name\onedrive”
    mklink /D “y:\dropbox” “c:\users\name\dropbox”

  5. After this I created the vaults for Cryptomator. To make it easy I created in each cloud dir a directory with the cloud provider name extended by “_C” and used it in the Cryptomator dialog for new vault creation.

    Name of vault: dropbox_C and onedrive_C
    target of vault: “C:\users\name\dropbox\dropbox_C” and “C:users\name\onedrive\onedrive_C”
    entry point option: “C:\users\name\cryptomator\dropbox” and “C:\users\name\cryptomator\onedrive”

  6. As a last step I added the Cryptomator directories to my entry point.

    mklink /D “C:\users\name\boxcryptor\dropbox” “c:\users\name\dropbox”
    mklink /D “C:\users\name\boxcryptor\onedrive” “c:\users\name\onedrive”

The result is a parallel directory structure for uncrypted and crypted files below one entry point.

May be this is a hint for other users moving from Boxcryptor to Cryptomator.

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