Opening vault stored on external drive

I have a vault on an external drive. I want to add files from this drive to the vault, the size these files exceeds the space on my pc’s hard drive.

When I mount the vault the virtual drive appears to be on my pc’s drive - remaning disk space is the same.

(1) Is there a way I can mount the virtual drive on the external?

(2) Want to work with files >4GB, though have no option to copy WebDAV URL as per this guide, only ‘Lock Vault’ and ‘Reveal Drive’

Hope that makes sense. Thanks.

This is a known issue described here:

You can either ignore it (you will see that it always report the C: drive capacity, regardless of how much data you add) or you can switch from WebDAV to Dokany. When you configure Cryptomator to use the latter, this issue should be solved.

Thanks for quick reply. Please see question 2 edit.

In this case, you can not ignore what Windows Explorer tells you. You have to use Dokany, then both problems should be resolved.

Dokany is included in the Cryptomator installer. If you didn’t uncheck it, you should be able to see the option to switch to Dokany from Cryptomator’s settings. Otherwise just re-run the installer.