Opening Markdown (.md) files with QuickEdit

I have Markdown files in my vault with .md extension. When using the Android app, I’d like to edit these files with QuickEdit because QuickEdit does syntax highlighting of Markdown. But when I open a .md file from the Android app, it appears to default to the built-in text editor in the Android Cryptomator app. Is there a way to edit a .md file with QuickEdit?

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In the current version of Cryptomator for Android you have to share this file with QuickEdit. If you edited the file, you can share it from QuickEdit back to Cryptomator to upload the changes to the cloud but yes, that is not really convenient.
As more users requesting this “feature” (to not open .md or .txt files with the inbuilt text editor) we have to think about how we enhance our strategy when to open files with our internal apps or when to open it with external apps. We’ll discuss and think about this topic, thanks for reporting!

Edit: Here is the related issue on GitHub but we should extend it to not only .txt files:

Thanks for the reply and thanks for link to GitHub. I’ll watch there for more discussion on the topic.

Also thanks for mentioning the share option, I wasn’t aware of that.


Hi! This is my first time posting here, and I have to say I’m loving both the software and the community. My whole work consists on taking notes in Markdown. When I’m in the field, I use apps such as Markor or NextCloud Notes in my cellphone. I have a huge folder full of md and txt files linked between them and referring to photos and videos. Sometimes, I need to review the data in my cellphone. As the OP said, it would be awesome to be able to open the files using a fully featured Markdown software. I look forward to hearing about that conversation regarding this posibility. Meanwhile, thanks for the great job!


Coming soon :wink:

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Nice! Will watch for it. Thanks.

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Julian, when is soon coming? :upside_down_face:

It arrived a long time ago:

Hi Julian - yes thank you!
But what I’m missing e.g is the preview of the file - is this somewhere hidden?

A preview for Markdown files is not yet implemented. If you want create a feature request on