Open Microsoft Documents in Android Apps with write access not working

i already read the Topic “Open Excel doc and save”. But how does the OneDrive Application is working from there you can access all word excel files and can modify them. So did OneDrive synchronize to public local Memory on the Android phones ? Then the OneDrive app is also not safe ?!!

I think there should be a way to handle this. Does anybody has news about this or whats the Statement of the cryptomator development Team. I’ve already have contact to Boycryptor they are actually also not able to handle this. I would say the winner is who is first serving such a solution to the european market.

I would be happy about comments from everybody. I think it should be a challenge to cover this problem and there is a great demand on the european market for this kind of solutions because actually nobody trusts a Microsoft only solution and would prefer a second security level handled by an german or at minimum european provider. Does anybody has experiences with such a solution thats working safe and stable on mobile plattforms ?

kind regards Andreas

Well, the statement of the dev team is in the post you mentioned.

Hi Michael,

thanks mutch for you detail and quick answer :slight_smile:
But there should be a way because microsoft can handle this via their OnDrive Android App.
So my Questions realted to this are now: Which programming technic are they using to handle write mode by directly open a word document from OneDrive Android app ? … and are they using a temporary public local storage ? when this is the OneDrive way to get it writable in Word, Excel… it’s also no secure - this would be my conclusion !

I know that when opening a Word or other Microsoft document directly from the OneDrive Android App you need to enable write mode in the Word App to make changes.

Hope somebody has smart comments for this… :wink:

kind regards Andreas

Hi Andreas.
Did you read the linked github post from @SailReal?
It describes exactly what the problem is and why it’s on Microsoft to fix this.

Conclusion: Microsoft apps have currently problems to access files shared to them with write permissions in internal storage.
Only if the files are shared from public storage, they are able to open it with write access. Since for security reasons we will not store our files in external storage (almost every app would have access to them) so that they can be opened correctly by MS apps, there is currently no workaround.

Hi Michael,
sure i have read and understand it… :wink:
But this will only help finding a solution when Microsoft is working on this issue when not it’s nessecary to find another solution…
thx again