Open files locally and in the cloud

Good morning, please a question I am 100% new and I just bought cryptomator for android taking advantage of the discount. I have two folders created, one in local and one in the cloud google drive, all local files open perfectly videos audios documents etc, but in the cloud audio files can not be opened are mp3, tells me unknown file and I do not have the option to choose my audio player I have, any idea please or how should upload audio files in the cloud? to play automatically as the rest of files. in advance thanks for the help, good day.

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Just tested it again, on my device using Google Drive this works as expected:

What happens when you export this mp3 file to local storage and you click on it using your local file browser?

Greetings, when I opened the safe from the cloud the icon that identifies the audio file did not have it, it was just an unknown file, but now strangely it already has it osea already opens the audio automatically and without problems. Well thank you, and it is a pleasure to know that you are aware of the community. A great day to all.

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