Open Dokany vaults on Linux using Rclone

Hi, I used Cryptomator on Windows before and created some pretty large vaults using Dakony, but now switching to Arch Linux using it might have been a problem: I mounted a virtual drive from Google Drive using Rclone and as far as I can tell this experience is identical to that I got on Windows with Google’s Drive for Desktop (old Drive File Stream). I installed Cryptomator using the AUR but only after trying to open a vault and nothing happening I noticed that this Linux version can only create FUSE or WebDAV vaults.

Now, is it possible to “install” the Dokan Library and use it with Cryptomator on Linux or I’m doomed decrypting and re-encrypting a few TB’s of Dokany vaults? :sneezing_face:

Also, another question that came to mind: Is it possible to access FUSE vaults on Windows?


Neither. Dokany, FUSE and WebDAV are just different technologies to integrate your unlocked vault into the filesystem. They have not effect on the content, hence, you can switch between them without a problem (except restricted feature set regarding special file system features).

Thanks! Sorry for the late response but I’m coming back to say that it worked normally. Apparently I was missing something in the OS that made Cryptomator just not open the file, but once it grabs it the vault is unlockable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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