Open and create vaults on smb

Hello everyone,
I’ve got the app for Android but cannot open or properly create vault located on smb. I can select the folder in a local locations I have //ip.address/sda
However, I’m unable to open vault on it and when I created a new one, I get error message.
No issue with Linux desktop app.
I would appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you

Hey and welcome to the community :slight_smile:.

Are you talking about WebDAV because SMB support isn’t implemented yet, see

Thank you for your response and the link - I was talking about SMB, not WebDAV. I didn’t know that SMB does not work or is not implemented yet, I mount the disks by OS and thus they appear as a local disk or folder. Thus I assumed it should work in a similar way like SD card / SSD or another storage.
Should I assume that it is not going to work?
Thank you.

Yes, for a little more info read

This will work when ticket #35 on our issue tracker is implemented.

Thank you for reply.
I assume that I can keep the license key and active it once smb is supported.
I suppose it might be a good idea to mention this clearly in docs or somewhere for other users (eg

I appreciate that this is probably not the best place to ask, but is there any encryption solution which would work? I’m considering rclone, but so far I haven’t used it on Android.

I just looked around and it seems that there are quiet a few apps which syncs a remote folder using SMB to a local folder on the Android device. If the vault is completely available locally it should be no problem to add and open it using our local storage “cloud” provider.

…sometimes in the future we will support SMB directly but this could be a way to access it right now.