OneDrive's new default "Files On-Demand" feature is wreaking havoc on Macs running Monterey

…and thus with my Cryptomator vault that’s stored there. Can’t add new folders to an exiting folder, and can’t delete that folder either. Suggestions?

At the very least, can someone tell me how to move my existing vault to another service, like iCloud or maybe even I think I’m done wrestling with Microsoft…

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Download your encrypted vault files completely, including the vault root folder (the one that is named like your vault and contains the masterkey files).
Store these files in a folder that is synced by your chosen storage providers sync app.
Remove the existing vault from cryptomator app.
Add a (existing) vault and select your downloaded masterkey file.
Make sure to check your sync app that it includes your local vault and is syncing it to your new online storage.

Please note: does not provide a WebDAV access and thus cannot be used with cryptomator mobile apps atm

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Thanks Michael, and apologies for the delay in my reply. Too much going on!


This has been a question I’ve been wrestling with for a bit… should I keep the vault in iCloud or OneDrive.

Now I know why my vaults are acting up with OneDrive since the latest Monterey Beta.

If I may ask, what did you settle on as a provider and how is it working? I have 2TB of iCloud storage that’s barely used and I’m thinking maybe I should just stick with that…

Yes, I’m in the same boat as you: I’m already paying for the 2TB tier of iCloud Drive, so I spent most of this afternoon carefully organizing and moving almost everything out of OneDrive and into iCloud Drive. It had the side benefit of getting me to clean out some cruft too!

Best of luck with your decision, and let me/us know how it goes!


Yeah, I think I’m doing the same as you and keeping them in iCloud. The only reason I took them over to OneDrive (besides having like 1TB just sitting there) was I could look at the OneDrive app and SEE if any files were still waiting to be synced.

I have had - in the past - issues where I dump a lot of files onto a vault while it’s in iCloud and inadvertently close my Mac too early before those files make it to the cloud. Inevitably corruption occurs.

That’s essentially my only anger with iCloud - it either works, or it doesn’t and won’t until you reboot the mac.

I’ll keep you posted, haha!

Ha, it does sound like we’re simpatico Mac users. I agree that Apple’s web services can be quirky, at best, but then that’s why we’re here now, right? They’re ALL quirky, if not a downright mess, as with OneDrive currently.

Oh well, that’s the joy of computing! :crazy_face: