OneDrive with smart sync

I am facing some issues with a vault where the files are placed in a one drive folder that is covered by smart sync. When I navigate to a subfolder within the decrypted vault and open for example a pdf that is not yet downloaded by double click it gets downloaded and opened. This works as intended.

When I am in that same folder and and mark a bunch of files that are not downloaded and use for example a quick action to compress them to a zip, file it crashes the compression tool, betterzip in my case, and cryptomator itself into ‘not responding’.

Same happens when I use preview and use file->open to open one of that files it crashes preview and cryptomator. Same with pixelmator pro. This already crashes as soon as I try to view that folder in the open dialoge. I guess this happens because it tries to give thumbnail previews.

When I navigate to the encrypted version of the files and trigger the download of the files manually beforehand this crashing doesn’t occur.

Long story short. Cryptomator doesn’t trigger one drive to download files when they are opened via the open dialog of a program like preview or pixelmator or batch actions are performed.

Anyone else has seen similar behavior?

Cryptomator 1.9.4 with newest fuse-t