Onedrive sync on different drive

Hi all.
I’m new here and new to cryptomator. What I want to do is store encrypted backups in cloud storage on my existing onedrive account.
From reading loads of great reviews I elected to go for cryptomator as it appeared to do everything I wanted. However, I can’t get it to work the way I want.
I initially set it up on my main c drive along with onedrive that was setup on the same drive. I then discovered that both onedrive and my cryptomator vault were storing there data locally on my c drive. I didn’t want my main nvme drive used for this data storage, so I moved onedrive to a different drive. I then tried to sync cryptomator again, however, it now wouldn’t sync with onedrive directly. I could assign the local storage to my backup drive with onedrive on it but my data wouldn’t show in onedrive. I even tried uninstalling cryptomator and installing the program on the same backup drive as onedrive but had the same result.
Please can someone tell me how I can use cryptomator to back up my encrypted data to onedrive without using local storage on my main c drive. Using the backup drive would be fine but just not my main c drive.
Thanks in advance

Hi. Did you also move the Cryptomator vault to the new folder on your D Drive, that is now synced by the OneDrive client?
You have to make sure that the path of your vault files is anywhere on your system that is included in the OneDrive sync.

Where your vault is stored is a configuration of the vault. No matter where you have installed Cryptomator .

Hi there. I did. I created the cryptomator vault within the onedrive folder. It created the root cryptomator folder (the one you don’t store anything in) but not the vault folder.

So you configured your OneDrive to sync with a folder on D. You set up a vault and configured to store it within this OneDrive sync folder?
If yes, Im afraid I don’t get your problem.
Can you please describe step by step what you do, how Cryptomator/your system behaves, and what you do expect that should happen instead.

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Apologies if I’m not understanding how cryptomator works correctly. Yes. I did all that. I moved onedrive to the d drive. I installed a cryptomator vault into the onedrive folder on the d drive. The vault shows up as a virtual g drive in my computer. However, When I open onedrive online it only shows the root cryptomator folder that doesn’t store the data. There is no cryptomator folder containing the data. Is there not supposed to be another folder online contains the actual data? Again, apologies if I’m just not understanding how this is meant to work.

Yes, there should be a folder named „d“ inside the folder that is named like your vault.
Besides the folder „d“ there should be at least one file called „masterkey.Cryptomator“.
Can you please check if this folder and file exists on your local D drive inside your Cryptomator vault folder?
If yes, something is wrong with the OneDrive sync. In this case please check if there are sync error messages in your OneDrive client.

Yes. There is a folder named similarly to my vault in the onedrive folder (which is on my backup E drive. The drive I selected to use for onedrive and cryptomator) and that folder does contain the d folder, a masterkey file and a couple more. Even more curious is when I check the folder settings in onedrive the cryptomator folder (the one with the s folder and masterkey) is the same size as my vault as if the data is in there.

Ok. Then there’s something wrong with the OneDrive sync. Any messages in OneDrive? Maybe this one?

Is the sync enabled? Maybe you accidentally disabled this?

The files were still uploading last night so I left it working overnight. This morning the files had completed uploading but still folder with my actual data appears. I have been getting those messages of ransomware though. Same file names as the uploading files so onedrive seems to think it’s ransomeware. I did tell it the files are ok but still nothing. Incidentally, when I first installed cryptomator (and onedrive) on my main nvme drive the day folder did show up (the installation process was different as it allowed me to select onedrive directly as a file location. I’ve only had an issue when I switched the local storage drive for onedrive.
Thanks so much for you help. I can’t work it out and it’s driving me nuts. Lol.

Sorry. Typo at the beginning. The folder with my data does NOT appear.