OneDrive on Windows 'processing changes' until vault-contained file is closed

Here’s something I have noticed – it’s not breaking anything, but it’s seems very curious.

On Windows, when I open a word document in a vault, make some edits, and then save them, OneDrive start showing that it’s processing changes, which it will continue doing until I close the file in Word.

The same does not happen on MacOS, where it uploads a file after save, then goes back to ‘your files are synced’. I also tried it with the Synology sync client (I have a Synology NAS), and it does not behave the same as OneDrive on Windows, it just uploads the file and goes on with life.

As I said, it’s not breaking anything, but it’s very curious. I wonder if it has something to do with how files are opened for sharing, locking, etc.

By the way, I’m a recent migrant from the now-abandoned BoxCryptor. It behaves exactly the same way.