OneDrive olny the privat version?

hi there. I have a 1TB onedrive account/folder on my pc that was provided to me by my retraining class (i don´t know if it counts as work or school - i´m 44).
But cryptomator always creates only one vault under in somewhere in the root folder “my pc”.

It doesn´t not crate it in the onedrive folder.
The folder is somehow not recognized. Unfortunately, I can’t enter this path manually either. It does create an additional folder in onedrive, but as soon I lock the safe again, nothing happens to the folder in onedrive.

Only the one under “my pc” disappears.

Does anyone know what’s wrong there?

oh, one thing…
At the start i had a second onedrive “onedrive personal” with only 5gb. And all created vaults were added to that onedrive folder. now i removed that onedrive account and restarted my laptop and hoped now beeing able somehow to get the vault in the needed onedrive from my scool but it still doesn´t work like i described above.

hope somone can help me.

Thanks very much


Try this:

  1. create a new vault
  2. do not select „onedrive“ but select „custom location“ when you are asked where to store the vault.
  3. select the folder where your onedrive 1TB storage is synced with your local drive. This is where your onedrive files are accessible in your file explorer.

Now your vault should stored in your 1TB onedrive account.

Cryptomator desktop does not care which online storage you use. It just creates encrypted vault files on your local machine. The storage providers sync app (in your case onedrive) does the sync with your online storage.

So to answer your question in the title: No. You can use cryptomator desktop not only with a personal onedrive but also with onedrive for business/school. And any other online storages that you can access via file explorer.

this i have allready tried. as i tried to explain cryptomator creates 2 folders simultaniously. one in the desired onedrive-scool-folder and one in the “my pc”.

and after locking the vault over cryptomator or copy pasting files into the vault it just affects the one in “my pc” and not the one in my onedrive folder.

they are just created and exist ther juist like a simple normal folder. :roll_eyes:

Cryptomator does only create one vault folder.
You can check the path where your vault is stored by opening cryptomator and checking the path that is shown under your vault.

Of course, but that is here not the question. The thing is that the vault is not stored properly in my onedrive. It is only local on my PC.

Then please check your onedrive settings.
The sync to your online storage is done by your onedrive app.
Cryptomator does only create local files (as said)
Please check if the local storage that is configured to be synced with the online storag is the same place where you have stored your vault.