OneDrive is not accessible from iOS

Hi there,

I have not used Cryptomator with OneDrive lately, but I need to switch back to it.
Alas, I cannot. I could not access OneDrive using the existing connection. I deleted it but I cannot set up a new one either. The app is hanging with the hourglass spinning. I don’t even get to enter my userID etc.
Sometimes I get immediately an “unauthorized” message and I have to kill the app.

Everything is latest version. What could be my problem?

Thank you.

Addendum: other apps on my iPhone do have access to the drive, eg OneDrive App, Documents App.

Please have a look into the permission section of your OneDrive account if the Cryptomator app is listed there. If not, please check if it is listed under „ My apps“ and if yes try to grant the permission again.

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