OneDrive for Business, Login Issues (German Cloud)

Hello, I fail while setting up the IOS app in conjunction with OneDrive for Business (Office 365 Business Premium – DE, hosted by Microsoft German Cloud).
Trying to connect to OneDrive during the initial Cryptomator setup, the Microsoft login process redirects me to my work and school account login screen. After entering the (correct) login data, the operation fails with 4 (see screenshot attached).

Is OneDrive for business not suppored yet? If not, are there plans in this regard?

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Well, I am using OneDrive for business as well with the iOS app and don’t experience this issue.
So at least I can confirm that cryptomator works with OneDrive for business.

Thanks for sharing your experiences! Do you use the Microsoft Cloud Germany as well? I assume there a several differences as the german cloud is an independent solution and not connected to the US cloud.

I found some hints here

Not sure if these hints fit in this situation… Maybe a developer could take a closer look?

That’s a good question. I’m not sure. I guess it’s not the German cloud. I didn’t know that there’s a dedicated German storage provided by Microsoft.

If your login URL is it’s the german cloud, otherwise it’s the US one.
T-Systems is the operator and data trustee for the german solution. There are slight differences, e.g. in my experience new features are implemented a bit later in the german one, and there are features that are not available because of privacy reasons.

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Same Problem here on Android and in my case it is the German OneDrive (Office 365 Germany).

The app just fails with “OneDrive authentication failed”.

Yes, it’s the same for Android:

I got the same issues on my iphone,but I’m in China,hosted by Microsoft Hongkong Cloud.

There’s some QA about this that I found. May be some help.

Can we fix it? Or just waiting for the new version. Pls let me know.