OneDrive files not working in new vault format 7

I have uploaded a couple of files using the Android app version 1.5.0-beta2 onto a OneDrive account. I am using the PC Cryptomator app version 1.5.0-beta1.

The files i upload with the Android app don’t show up on the PC. Files I upload on the PC do show up on the Android. Happens on OneDrive. Have a NextCloud Cryptomator directory and that one works fine both ways.


Thanks for reporting.

If I understand you right, on OneDrive you’re uploading files using the Android app without any error displayed on the screen but the files doesn’t appear in the vault on the Desktop. Can you see and access this files on the phone after creation?
Furthermore, can you make sure that the vault is completely synced to the desktop client?

Yes that is correct. I added a file on the PC (PCFile.txt) to the vault and it shows up on the Android device. I then added a file on the Android (AndroidFile.txt) and it doesn’t show up on the PC. On the Android device I was able to download the PC file and view it.

I attached a file of the screen shots of the vaults. PC view and Android view to show the difference if that helps.


And you’re sure that the vault are completely synced to the desktop?

I’ll try to reproduce that tomorrow.

Yes the vault syncs to the desktop. I have a Nextcloud vault also that works properly.

Especially with OneDrive and OneDrive4Business this is a very important point, because (at least for me) the sync always takes several minutes even for very small files.
I just tried to reproduce your case (with the iPhone app though, since I don’t have an Android), and even here OneDrive(4Business) took almost 1 minute to sync a 37kb file.
After that the file uploaded with the iPhone was available on the PC.
So, please check if the sync was completed. After that, if your vault is already open and your file explorer is showing the content of the vault, refresh the view of your file explorer.

Yes the OneDrive syncing works. I have synced various files in OneDrive since then. I also added a few files to tthe vault on the PC and they go straight to the Android vault. Just not the other way round.

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the further information, will look into it now!

If I create a AndroidFile.txt on my Android device, this file will be displayed also on the desktop app using OneDrive as well.

Can you please send me this test vault zipped together with the password via a direct message? You can use Firefox send to upload the zip.

Maybe this helps to find out what happened with your files :pray:

Edit: Could you please also try to download the complete (vault) folder using the web interface of OneDrive and send this zip to me or try to open this vault after unzipping using the desktop version of Cryptomator? Then we’re completely sure that the sync client hasn’t “forgotten” to download some files.