OneDrive File Versioning

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I have stored all my data in an encrypted folder on OneDrive. If I use OneDrive without Cryptomator I can access old versions of a file easily. Is there also a way to access old File versions if I’m using Cryptomator?

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Hi. No that’s not possible. File versioning is a feature of OneDrive. But OneDrive has no idea which encrypted files belongs to which unencrypted. And Cryptomator does not have access to OneDrive file versioning archive or has a file versioning feature included.

I don’t understand this reply.
Why should that not be possible?

Roll roll back the files in OneDrive and then open them in Cryptomator.
And of course, this will be the former files, now decrypted.

I would not do so before making a fresh backup!

You cannot roll back a dedicated file from within the vault because you just don’t know which encrypted files you have to to roll back.
Rolling back a complete vault or just everything what’s available as older version is not file versioning.

Yes, but it’s vault versioning!

And with this, you CAN access older, changed or deleted files!

But it was not asked for vault versioning. It was asked for file versioning in a way OneDrive is offering that „easily“ without Cryptomator. And the answer is a clear no.
Besides that, your suggestion is also not necessarily working. The vault is not a 1:1 match of the files and folder structure in the vault. If you mix up the encrypted files or folders, you will damage your vault and the files in it. I would not recommend to do that.
Do the versioning during your backup. That’s way safer than play try and error with encrypted vault files.

Hi Michael and tja

many thanks for your reply.
As Michael proposed I’ll do the versioning during my backup.

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