OneDrive "Created Another Copy" of a Cryptomator File

OneDrive apparently had trouble syncing two Cryptomator files. So it says it’s “created another copy of” each file. The files are still *.c9r files but with “-[the PC’s network name]” appended to the end of the file name before the extension. So, for each of the two files, I have in OneDrive both

  • [randomstring].c9r and
  • [randomstring]-ofcamJS.c9r.

What’s the best way to resolve these duplications so that there’s no data lost (depending on which copy of the file is most current)?

Thanks so much for the help!

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Normally, Cryptomator resolves conflicts itself without data loss.

As soon as you access a directory inside your vault, the filesystem lists all files. During this operation all encrypted files inside the directory are accessed by Cryptomator. Since Cryptomator also encrypt filenames, it just has to check for invalid encrypted names. If such a file is found, it’s name is reencrypted in order to be readable by Cryptomator again. Inside your vault you see then two files:

Got it. That’s most helpful. Thank you so much!