Onedrive authenticator problem

I have a problem creating a vault using OneDrive. My phone is used for work and personal use and I use OneDrive for both (separate accounts).

When trying to create a OneDrive vault, the app launches the MS Authenticator which I ONLY use for work. I only want to create a Cryptomator vault in my personal OneDrive account not the work one, so I don’t want/need to use MS Authenticator.

Is there a workaround so that I can create a OneDrive vault but not be forced to use an authentication method which I don’t want and will not apply?

Edit: Same applies if I create a OneDrive Vault on Windows PC then try to add it to the iOS app. Forces me to open the MS Authenticator app which only allows me to add work accounts and I need to access my personal account (where the vault is stored).

Also, my work will not allow MS Authenticator to be used for the work/personal account together (and I would not want to do that anyway)


I faced almost the same issue.

Then - when cryptomator opened the Authenticator app - I just tried to ‚add a new account‘ in the Authenticator app by clicking on the + symbol. After entering my onedrive login data, everything worked fine and I could use onedrive with cryptomator.

Further I recognized in the Authenticator app, that my private account is only used in the authenticator app to access the cryptomator app. My onedrive account does still not require this app for login (though you could configure it to do so).