OneDrive Account not shown

Hello dear Community,
already searched the web and in this community and either I’m bad at searching or my concrete problem was not already discussed.

I’m facing an issue with using Cryptomator on my iOS Device (iPhone 12 to be precise) with setting up OneDrive in it.
I open the Cryptomator App → Select Open Existing Vault → Onedrive → Add Account → Microsoft Authenticator opens to pick the account to be used → The account I want to use (my Personal OneDrive Account) is not shown in this list.

Maybe there is an issue if you have multiple accounts set up in MS Authenticator as it is only showing 3 accounts and all 3 Accounts are Business Accounts.

As I am working with many different companies I have set up 1 personal account and over 10 business accounts in MS Authenticator.

Is anybody else facing this issue and knows how to fix it?

Thank you very much


Seems like a problem on Microsoft’s side. I suggest you check settings in MS Authenticator that you think might be causing this problem.

After a little research and testing because of your input I believe i fixed it and found the my issue.

On the site in cryptomator where MS Accounts are shown and not all accounts are shown for me:
Seems like this has to do with privacy settings forced from each ms account / ms tenant.

Was able to manually add personal account and give access with “allow access from 3rd party app”.
Seems to be working perfectly now.

Thanks for input, helped me find the cause and fix it, that clearly was an user-error.