One storage opens different directories on different devices

I have created a storage on a laptop. Operating system Ubuntu. Opened a storage in a cryptomator. Pasted files into mounted storage. Blocked it. Added this storage to the desktop computer. I will unlock the storage. I get an empty folder. But if I unlock it on a laptop, then the files are in place. What to do? Why isn’t it syncing? I use google drive.

There are several reports that using Cryptomator with Google’s File Stream shows an empty vault.
Like this: Folder empty on second machine

Do you have the space to fully sync your vault and check it again (to be sure it’s file stream and nothing else causing this)

Can you see any WARN or ERROR messages in the log? Anything suspicious in your google log, like messages that indicates syncing problems?

I am opening Cryptomator.
I decrypt the container on Google drive with my password.
An empty folder opens.
I cannot get my files back.
And I can’t load new ones.

I am trying to load a directory into a container.

I cannot use the storage from another device.

Many of these records:
16:43:56.934 [Thread-139] ERROR o.c.f.fuse.ReadWriteFileHandler - Writing to file failed. Недопустимый аргумент
16:43:56.948 [Thread-143] ERROR o.c.f.fuse.ReadOnlyFileHandler - Error closing file.
java.nio.file.FileSystemException: /run/user/1000/gvfs/,user=alibab199555/1Rs0NFww6Q5a_pZ5_ioV4MgBqg-TvyiUc/1JuH743I6WAKK6AARCKICe_mgULk8WeKt/d/W7/SH34QQLHY2RI6SK3XTTHEYFLTRQELV/d37dWxXpbHU-gj4bLGXMvZGb66nwwodonl8y7oWyrRyDk7m3TD4m8xX-tTaRUzafccOLjIPfHbSs.c9r: Неподдерживаемая операция
12:46:12.071 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO o.c.ui.launcher.FxApplicationStarter - JavaFX Runtime started.
12:46:18.383 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN o.c.keychain.KeychainManager - LOAD
12:47:07.014 [App Background Thread 003] INFO o.c.ui.unlock.UnlockWorkflow - Unlock of ‘1JuH743I6WAKK6AARCKICe_mgULk8WeKt’ succeeded.
12:50:19.942 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN o.c.u.unlock.UnlockSuccessController - Reveal failed.