One drive Synchonisation(personnel) and OneDriveTemp

Three questions or comments.

  1. I have not checked but I do not know exactly what is the purpose of cryptomator.
  2. Onedrive Synchonisation
    I am not happy with one drive.
    If I do not lauch onedrive, all will be OK (the synchonisation) when I will start onedrive some days later.
    If I lauch onedrive and I stop the synchronisation in the menu, onedrive start to synchonise in a personnel directory. But if I stop onedrive and start again, onedrive will then upload the previous file saved in onedrive on the cloud. This is a headache. I have lost many modification before understanding this bad behaviour of onedrive
    Nota : I have tried to contact microsoft one drive. No answer at all has been received (excep that “you can check on community”)
  3. OneDriveTemp
    I have a directory OneDriveTemp. When I look inside the directory, I can see a “imagefile of myy disk” at 66Go !!! ???. My question : can I remove it. The updated date of this file is follozing the current day. That means OneDrive is using it. Can somebody explain it to me.


And why are you here in this board if you event dont know what cryptomator is used for?
How about this page to learn about cryptomator?

This is not the microsoft board, its the cryptomator board. If you have problems using the OneDrive client (without any relation to cryptomator), you should head for the microsoft support / microsoft community. Google will show you the way there.

see my last answer.