On NixOS with FUSE

Hi, does anybody use Cryptomator on NixOS with FUSE?
How can I get it running?

I also have problems on NixOS.

FUSE itself works, other applications that use FUSE also seem to work (for example rclone).

Apparently Cryptomator doesn’t really get how FUSE is working on NixOS. Maybe it is looking in the wrong places or something. I dunno. Maybe I’ll ask the nixpkgs package maintainer of this package…

I found this

And someone who self-assigned the issue to themself said:

I think this might be related to cryptomator/fuse-nio-adapter#72

It seems since they switched to the new fuse integration they only search a predefined number of paths.

This is also consistent as the nix build of cryptomator works on non nixos linux.

So yeah something is weird, but at least I see some recent activity.

This problem is fixed with latest Cryptomator 1.11.0 release :slightly_smiling_face: