Official Update needed on the Document Provider for the Android

Hey guys,

I’m aware of the numerous similar threads on this topic, so no need to point that out. However, there’s a pressing issue here: loads of us are eagerly waiting for the “Document Provider” feature on the Cryptomator Android app, and the last official update we got was way back in 2020, stating that development would kick off by the end of 2021.

Now, we’re in 2024, and here’s what we need to know:

  1. Current Status: What’s happening with the “Document Provider” feature? Any progress?
  2. Challenges: Have there been hurdles or changes in priorities that have delayed this feature?
  3. Estimated Timeline: Can we get a rough timeline or even a ballpark estimate for its release?

We get that development can be unpredictable, but an update, any update, would be hugely appreciated. It’s not just about waiting; it’s about planning and adjusting our usage around what’s available and what’s not.

Thanks for the hard work, but we really need some clarity here.


[A Cryptomator User and Long-Time Follower]


I gave up long time ago.

they develped what ctmt hub and didn’t inplement SAF into android app.

It’s not they cant, but they dont want.

however we dont have much opitons, as you see the boxryptor abandoned the community.

my choise is previously cppcryptfs/gocrypts, but these will never be good for mobile.

so i am slowly drifting into ctmt, at least on android, you can see and download the files.

NOT ctmt’s fault.
it’s all about money.

ps: i have been with ctmt since 2018, and nothing much changed.

btw, if some how some holy savrior will provide SAF for the android app,
pls be noticed that Chromebook somehow behave differently, CB have it’s own document provider.

pls have it considered in the planning so it’s not another 5yr+ for CBs.

This is unfortunate.

It would be a powerful feature.

I use another app on Android that also has this very same problem. The situation there is actually worse for me because they have it implemented in experimental mode and to a degree it works. I can see it being there, and I can use a few features, but not all of them.

If I were a developer with the requisite knowledge, I would work towards implementing it in both products, only that’s not the case.

In my opinion, the Android app should be seen just as encryption for Dropbox and Google Drive and the few other supported storages and not as a general cloud encryption solution.

From the experience of the development for Android in the last years I think it will be difficult to get me back as a user as long as I use Android.

I would be less frustrated if there was no Android app at all, because waiting for a fix to have a useful application is worse than knowing that this possibility does not exist.

I’m currently looking for a replacement to sync all my work data that also works on Android.

The sole use as a security layer for backups of my laptop, on the other hand, is good.

We updated the Github issue with a short update post, see Allow vault access by other apps through Document Provider · Issue #35 · cryptomator/android · GitHub for details.


I am familiar with several syncing options regarding software. There are a few different apps in the Google Play app store that can sync files that are on your phone with your computer and also cloud services. Which app you need depends on your platform protocols and needs are you doing two-way synchronization or just backing up files from the iPhone to your computer?

Are you okay with transferring manually when you need to or do you want the synchronization to be automated on a schedule for example?

I have an app for example that synchronizes or backs up essentially my text messaging data to the cloud every night at 2:00 in the morning.

There’s a different app that can be used to automate the backup and synchronization of data to and from Windows or Linux with Samba.

There is another app that is good for backing up and synchronizing files to and from SFTP servers and even S3 Cloud servers.

I synchronize data from my Android phone to Google Drive, OneDrive, Windows, Mac, and Linux. I use different apps to achieve my goals which is why I’m asking for a brief description of what it is your goal is and then perhaps I can make a recommendation to solve your problem.

And Cryptomator is not a synchronization program it’s an encryption program.

I only know of one app for Android only that can do both synchronization of files and encryption of the files also. There is no iPhone version although there is one for Mac os, windows, and linux.

So basically there are several choices depending upon which product best fits your needs.

This app is the only encryption program that I know of that has a graphical interface across the board on all platforms.

I have a command line program that is supported on Windows Linux and Mac that can transfer synchronize and encrypt files to either the cloud or a PC. There is a companion Android app.

i know you guys say codes from AI are risky,
but i dont mean that.

i mean that you guys could use AI to help some task,
then review it by HUMAN.

that’s how AI should be used. not simply use AI to generate code and then directly put it to depoly.

as you said, human power is the limiting factor, SOLELY.

i am glad that ctmt allow talking and comparing to boxcryptor.

i tried boxcryptor before it crapped.
it have DocProvider feature.

but, it 's still not very useful.
at least it didn’t work the way i expected – like in windows/linux;
there are still quite many problem with it.
so my last trial /w boxcryptor for DocProvider feature also dont go well.

android sucks in file management,

tell you more,
i got a chromebook, with THREE system in one, it sucks more.